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Commercial Services

From initial groundbreaking to service and maintenance, we are here to provide detailed plumbing expertise every step of the way. We value our business-to-business connections and are ready to provide you with commercial plumbing services that you can trust. When you need ground-up commercial plumbing for a large project or ongoing maintenance on your commercial property, look no further than Brazos Mechanical Services.


Let us take the guess work out of your plumbing compliance with your next commercial project. Your next industrial warehouse or commercial office building needs the necessary planning and execution for seamless construction. We focus on the preconstruction process to make sure there is adequate planning, coordination, and control of a project from inception to completion. Our objective is always aimed at meeting a client’s requirements in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project.

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We specialize in complete plumbing development and maintenance solutions, including:

  • Value Engineering
  • Wet Site Utilities
  • Site Storm Drainage
  • Underground Fire Main
  • Medical Gas (Medical Air, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen (Medical Liquid Nitrogen), Nitrous Oxide)
  • Commercial, Multifamily, and Residential Build-out
  • Remodel and Retrofit
  • Service and Preventative Maintenance



Value Engineering

Simply put, Brazos Mechanical Services strives to generate the best value, performance, safety, and reliability for your commercial build. We want to create a lasting legacy with our brand, not make a quick buck. Our commercial plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance services strive to build faith in true value engineering. BMS will partner with you to create the most cost-effective achievements for your project without making compromises.

When it comes to installing water and sewer utilities, our foundational plumbers build things right the first time. We want things done to perfection and nothing less. BMS offers safe and professional services to minimize mistakes or concerns every step of the way. Your inspection passes, you can move onto the next phase, and everybody wins.

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Wet Site Utilities

Foundational plumbing focuses on the proper installation of wet site utilities such as your sewer, water, and storm drain systems. BMS offers watertight results across all project needs, completing the work in an accurate and timely manner to keep your project on schedule.

Our plumbing contractors offer complete utility installations, including:

  • Sewer Mains — Proper installation of the sewer lines will ensure a sanitary result for individuals and the environment. Our plumbers will handle the sewer mainline first.

  • Water Mains — Clean drinking water and fire hydrant installs are essential in laying the groundwork for your water supply.

  • Utility Laterals & Services — Installing individual water services and sewer laterals for single-family homes, highrise apartments, office buildings, and more can become complex and time-consuming. Our experienced team will get things installed and covered, leaving the utility subs ready for the next stage.


Site Storm Drainage

A key to a successful project is the implementation of storm drains to direct water away from your site and into a local body, such as a canal or lake. Brazos Mechanical Services has the experience to create a sound approach for your project, whether that includes water run-off for a small residence, a business complex, or anything in between. We can work with you to coordinate inlet and outlet installations and more for a seamless project completion.

Underground Fire Main

The Brazos team can also install pipes, stub-outs, and wet-tapping services to cover your project needs. Our plumbing contractors can cover the supply mains and connection points to generate lasting peace of mind when it comes to fire safety and regulation. Large-scale projects require proper fire safety measures and installations, of which only an experienced contractor can perform. We can also flush and test your underground fire system to ensure that everything is working properly.


Medical Gas

Our medical gas plumbers specialize in medical piping and vacuum installations to equip hospitals, dentists’ offices, veterinary clinics, and more with vital gases. Brazos Mechanical Services can cover medical air, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, medical-grade liquid nitrogen, and nitrous oxide. We know the importance of quality when it comes to these critical lines and will focus on every detail to provide lasting results. BMS has the proper licensing and equipment to meet your project needs without any surprises or setbacks.

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Commercial, Multi-Family, and Residential Build-Outs

Covering the project needs of residential, commercial, and multi-family structures will require vastly different approaches, materials, and mindsets. BMS offers quality results across the greater Houston area, creating effective approaches for every project. Let us know about your build-out needs and our professionals will get to work in creating the most straightforward and effective outcome. We’ll make the space functional for residents, commercial tenants, and multi-family buildings.

Remodel & Retrofit

You can update the value and eco-friendliness of your commercial property with plumbing retrofit services. BMS offers ideal results, conserving precious water while providing the same level of performance. Our plumbers will inspect your system and provide the necessary repairs before installing high-performance equipment. We can provide advice and assistance as needed in order to generate the most value for your building.

Bathroom remodeling is another professional service that can create a big transformation for your commercial space, providing employees and guests with a comfortable, hygienic atmosphere. Based on the size and scope of your project, our contractors can create beautiful results that focus on your budget and timeframe.

Service & Preventative Maintenance

You know that proper upkeep can help to maximize any investment. When it comes to your commercial plumbing systems, Brazos Mechanical Services is here to generate lasting value and peace of mind. Our team can discuss your commercial, multifamily, or residential plumbing project and assess the best plan moving forward to minimize future headaches. We know the value of planning when it comes to your large-scale plumbing systems!



Maintaining the functionality of your commercial plumbing can be overwhelming. Don’t feel like you’re alone in taking care of your business; call Brazos Mechanical Services today.Schedule a Consultation