Drain Cleaning and Drain Scoping

What is Drain Cleaning and When Do I Need a Drain Scoping?

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Drain Cleaning and Drain Scoping

Homes and commercial facilities have plumbing systems and drains that often need to be taken care of with cleaning. Blockages in the drain system of residential and commercial housings arise due to food waste, grease discarded into them daily. The process of unblocking such clogged wastewater drains or sewer pipes through mechanical (or chemical) methods is known as drain cleaning.


Mechanical Drain Cleaning

Industrial drain cleaning devices can clean troublesome drains quickly, cheaply, and efficiently. They are the ones used by licensed plumbers to eliminate stubborn clogs in your kitchen or bathroom sinks. The most common type of dismantling the surface-level blockage in your pipes is a motorized drain auger or snake.

More giant clogs farther down the pipe require hydro-jetting and power rodding machines. Hydro-jetting machines use a high-pressure flow of water to remove obstructions. Power rodding systems involve a metal cable that is flexible enough to move around joints and bends.


Chemical Drain Cleaning

Chemical and home remedy drain cleaners are applied to clogged single drains such as a sink to remove soft obstructions. But these products are only effective in cleaning the clogs near the drain inlet. They are ineffective in removing clogs far from the drain opening and in removing most solid obstructions. Also, most chemical drain cleaners are corrosive and result in damage as well as weakening of pipes. Some even cause strong explosive reactions that will result in serious injury to humans.


How You Know If Your System Needs Cleaning

The first step in any professional drain cleaning service is to assess the problems you are experiencing and know the condition of the drain. Since drain pipes are generally located under the ground or inside walls, in the past, a drain inspection involved digging into the ground or breaking down walls.

Today, residential and commercial plumbing contractors use a drain/sewer scope inspection to see and record what is going on down the piping system. A drain/sewer scope is a specially designed small video camera, with lights, at the end of a very long flexible cable. The video inspection can determine the source of issues located inside the actual structure of plumbing and sewer systems. During a drain scope inspection, a licensed plumber:

  • Finds an access point close to the blocked drain.

  • Inserts a drain snake into the pipe to clear obstacles.

  • Sends a drain scope/camera

  • Assesses the video feed carefully to determine the cause and location of the clog

  • Takes the necessary steps toward removal or recommends repairs or replacements.


Benefits of Drain Scoping

Knowing the condition of your commercial or residential plumbing system today can save you from a future plumbing emergency and a costly repair tomorrow. By identifying broken pipes and making spot repairs, you also save money. By doing so, you avoid replacing entire drains and sewer lines. Other benefits include:

  • Helps in locating hidden leaks

  • Enables you to learn more about your pipes

  • Serves as evidence for insurance purposes

  • Enables you to find lost valuables that went into drain pipes


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If left unaddressed, clogged drains constitute a potential hazard to your health and property. The only way to effectively clean your drain pipes is through professional assistance. Here, at Brazos Mechanical Services, Houston, Texas, we provide residential and ground-up commercial plumbing services. Our insured and licensed plumbers have the correct tools and solutions to remove deep blockages and repair pipes. Our commercial and residential plumbing services also include underground site utility, drain pipe installation, remodeling, and testing.

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